Everything to know about CBD sunscreens

You would be concerned about the health of your skin. Traditionally, sunscreens are used to protect skin from the destructive ray of the sun. However, if you are worried about protecting your skin with extra care, you can go for enriched sunscreens containing CBD oil. You can find several retailers offering CBD sunscreens. However, you should make sure that the ingredients are environment-friendly. If you’re earth conscious, Synchronicity makes their bottles from recycled materials and makes their sunscreen from ingredients that don’t harm the environment. Their Hemp Oil is grown on a fully sustainable farm as well. Let us discuss the benefits and usage of CBD sunscreen in brief.

Constituents of CBD sunscreen

The composition of CBD sunscreens is in the name itself. It is nothing but a combination of traditional sunscreen and CBD extract. Since skincare requires both the benefits of sunscreen and CBD, they have come up with a mixture of them to offer a single solution. CBD extract will be in oil form with tons of nutrients for improved skin health. However, you can find different types of CBD sunscreens with slight changes in their constituents and effects.

Working of CBD sunscreen

You may know the working and purpose of traditional sunscreen. It will help you keep your skin out of direct contact with the destructive UV rays coming from the sun. As you would have to go out in the sunlight frequently, your skin may get damaged. So, the sunscreen in this product will form a layer over your skin and will protect it from direct exposure to the rays. While the sunscreen is doing its duty, the CBD compounds present in the cream will react with your skin to offer some benefits like protection from inflammation and overall skin health.

Highlights of CBD sunscreen

  • As you can buy a single product capable of protecting your skin from the sun rays as well as improving your skin health, the combination itself is a highlight to go for it.
  • The application of CBD oil on your skin will be helpful in other ways apart from skin health also.

Types of CBD sunscreen

The two broad categories or types of CBD sunscreen are as follows,

  • Full-spectrum CBD sunscreen
  • CBD isolate sunscreen

Full-spectrum CBD sunscreen will contain all cannabinoids at different proportions. However, THC will also be there. However, CBD isolate will contain 100% CBD alone because of several levels of filtration.

CBD products are revolutionary therapeutic solutions that are quickly becoming the go-to choice for consumers looking for natural, holistic methods of improving wellness.

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